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Hi, my name is Billie. I live in Missouri and the third love of my life is the Internet. My first love, of course, is my husband who is my soulmate and best friend. The second love of my life are horses. For as long as I can remember, I have been involved with horses. They are magnificent animals and can teach us so much about life.

For far to many years, horses have been beaten and forced into submission. A new and gentler way of training horses is coming about. It all started with the original "Horse Whisper" Monty Roberts. We are finding that horses are willing partners if we only talk their language so they understand what we want.

We current own 5 horses. I know, how can two people ride 5 horses. Well to be truthful, we ride very seldom. But we deal with, care for and love our horses everyday. Three of our horses are rescue horses. They have either been abused, starved or both. We are working on undoing the damage done by others on these three guys. I am proud to announce that they are coming along beautifully.

Below you will find pictures of our 5 horses in their current state of "Good Health". I urge everyone, if you see an animal being abused or neglected, get involved, report it to your local SPCA.

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Bill is a 10 year old Missouri Fox Trotter. He stands 16 hands tall and is a very powerful animal. Bill is lucky, he's never seen a day of abuse or hunger in his life.

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This is Bill & Buddy. Buddy was a 16 hand Missouri Foxtrotter. He was red roan in color. Buddy had a hard life and had been starved. He was an awesome horse, but doesn't really care for children or other horses (except his pastures buddies). I had to put Buddy down a couple of years ago. He just got old and sick.

Playboy was a 5 year old Tennesse Walking Horse. He was considered to be a Spotted Saddle Horse and could be registered in both associations. Playboy was so thin when I got him that his backbone stuck up about 2". He was starved and abused. I owned him for 10 years. It took him a long time to forget the bad stuff. He never totally forgot and would have flashbacks. I became very attached to Playboy and loved him dearly. Last year he broke his leg in a freak accident at the barn. I put him down immediately because this kind, gentle soul deserved to not suffer anymore in his life. I miss him everyday.

Tory is a 6 year old Missouri Fox Trotter. His owner died and the widow didn't know how to take care of horses. When the rescue group finally bought the whole herd, Tory had no fat or muscle mass left. This picture was taken shortly after I bought him from the rescue group. He has fat back on his body, but still no muscle. He is wet with sweat after only a 5 minute workout due to the condition of his muscles. I turned him out on our rolling hills and he is fully muscled and doing very well. Tory has never seen any abuse (thank goodness).

Rocky is a quarter horse. I have no idea how old Rocky is. I bought him off a cowboy who complained about his gait. I took him to the vet and the horse had navicular disease. We put special shoes on him and gave him pills for the condition everyday. We have since had him nerved and he is doing super. Rocky has a job. (Wish I could get them all jobs). He is a lesson horse at a local riding stable. The young lady on his back (he's the sorrel horse) is one of his students. This picture was take at a local show this summer. We had to put Rocky down. His navicular disease progressed beyond any help we could give him to relieve the pain.

So there you have them. The horses from our barn. If I had more space, there would be more horses. If you would like to visit some sites to learn more about the breeds and topics in this website, please follow the links below.

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