Welcome to Mardaleh-ville

Thanks for stopping by my On-Line home. Here you will find a collection of my thoughts, passions and projects. I always wanted to be an artist and get the beauty of this world down on canvas. With the invention of the modern day computers, we "wanna-be artists" have found a way to express ourselves.

One of my passions is horses. They are the most magnificent animals and so complex. There is nothing better than forming a bond with a horse. We have several rescue horses. These guys are very special. They have had a not so nice life before they came to live with us. Be sure to visit "Our Barn" and see our special guys.

Family is such an important part of our lives. I have managed to get webpages done honoring two very special people in my life my sister and my Dad. I still have some more pages to write to very special members of my family, my Mom, my Aunt and my husband who tolerates my hours spent on this computer. So hang in there, I'll get those pages done soon.....

I found a fantastic program to help me with my graphic arts, Photo Impact originally created by Ulead and recently purchased by Corel. There are many groups on the web to help you learn this program and to give you lots of encouragement in your quest to show your talent. The group I belong to is PhotoImpact International. This is a group of very friendly and helpful people. Click here to visit PI International. Join PI International and you can get a 10% discount from Corel on their products.

Please enjoy your visit to my site. I will be adding to it from time to time, so please bookmark and come back often.

Have a terrific day !!